WordPress Popups Plugin

WordPress Popups Plugin

A client approached me with a need for a custom WordPress popups system to generate leads for his website. However, he was unable to find a premade WordPress popups plugin with the specific functionality he required. Each of the plugins he found had some of the features he needed, but none of them had everything he wanted.


The primary objective of the project was to create a custom WordPress popups system for the client’s website. The popups system would allow them to generate leads and increase newsletter subscribers. Additionally, the client wanted the ability to offer coupons to users who signed up for their newsletter, in order to increase sales on their website. It was important that the system be easy to use and manage, so the client could create and manage popups on their own without requiring assistance from a developer.

Working on the Project

After thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements and ensuring that I had a clear understanding of their expectations, I provided an estimated time of delivery and began the development process. I maintained constant communication with the client throughout the process to keep them updated on our progress.

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How it Works

After analyzing the client’s requirements for a WordPress popups system, I developed a custom plugin to address his needs. The plugin offers the ability to conditionally display popups on the client’s website, choose the popup’s behavior, template, and content, and collect leads that are sent automatically to a MailChimp list of his choosing.

The signup process for the newsletter is integrated with MailChimp’s API, ensuring that the user is added to the correct audience on the client’s MailChimp account. Upon successful signup, the plugin generates a coupon code according to values defined in the admin dashboard and displays it to the user.

I also created a new admin dashboard page that allows the client to manage the popups and define coupon generation details such as the discount amount, number of uses per coupon code, and more. With this feature, the client can easily create and edit popups on their own.


As a result of the custom WordPress popups system I developed, the client was able to increase the number of leads collected from his website and boost sales with the coupons generated. Furthermore, the client was able to grow their newsletter subscribers thanks to the MailChimp integration and the ease of creating new popups through the admin dashboard. Overall, my solution provided the client with a powerful tool for engaging with website visitors and driving business growth.

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