Automate a Process With Bot Automation

When working, there are a lot of tasks we are doing manually over and over again and that takes time. In this project, I wanted to automate a process with bot automation to save some time and increase efficiency. is a great tool to manage tasks, projects, budgets, and more. In this project, I wanted to automate a process but after exploring’s documentation, I realized does not offer enough features for us to do that.

In that case, the best solution was to build a custom bot automation that will perform the process. To write the bot, we used Selenium with Python.


I wanted to automate a process I was doing manually so I can save myself some time and focus on more important tasks. This process involves saving data from multiple websites into different items’ fields on different boards on
Then I run some calculations on the data and analyze it.

So I split this project into multiple tasks:

  • Fetch the data from the other websites
  • Save the data on
  • Run the calculation
  • Send the results in a WhatsApp message


By automating this process, I saved the client an hour of work a day.
An hour of work a day sums up to about 11% of a single full-time employee’s work time per month. Since this project was done fast, the client not only returns the investment the same month but in the same week!


Automation is a great thing that can help us improve efficiency and save precious time for ourselves and our employees. This means we can be more productive and do more in less time.

If you too want to automate a process with bot automation, I would love to hear from you.

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